Hillary Clinton Allies Deny She’s ‘Coordinating’ With Super PACs


Supporters of Hillary Clinton pushed back Monday on the Republican accusation that she has been “coordinating” with super PACs ahead of her potential 2016 presidential run.

The accusation from the Republican National Committee came earlier Monday after Politico published a story detailing Clinton’s complicated and often vague relationship with the super PACs Ready for Hillary and Priorities USA. Federal law prohibits super PACs from coordinating with candidates.

In response to the GOP accusations, a spokesperson for Ready For Hillary pointed TPM to another organization called Correct The Record. That group is affiliated with the Democratic super PAC American Bridge and is dedicated to defending Clinton from media attacks.

“The RNC is hoping they don’t have to deal with a Clinton campaign, while blindly accusing a unified Democratic party of coordinating with one that doesnt (sic) exist,” Correct the Record spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod said in an email to TPM. “We make our decisions independently. If we see something that needs to be done, we do it. And that includes correcting the RNC’s false attacks.”

Spokespeople for Clinton and Priorities USA did not respond to requests for comment on the RNC’s accusation.