Candidate For Arizona Governor Calls Male Rival A ‘Misogynistic Jerk’


Christine Jones, a Republican candidate for Arizona governor, hit back on Tuesday against one of her primary opponents, Doug Ducey, by calling him a “misogynistic jerk.”

Jones was responding to Ducey’s accusation that she was not qualified to run for the office.

“Being a condescending, misogynistic jerk is not the way to win an election,” Jones told the Arizona Capitol Times for an article published on Tuesday.

She went on to add: “I have heard from a lot of professional women that, if they had any doubt in their mind about voting for me before they heard that line, they’re absolutely voting for me now, because they’ve worked with ‘that guy’ in their career.”

Ducey made the comment that set Jones off during a gubernatorial candidate debate on July 27. Ducey said Jones lacked experience: “I don’t know what qualifies you for this race besides your own wallet.”

Jones worked for GoDaddy as part of its general counsel for over a decade. The Capitol Times reported that former GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons echoed Jones’ outrage.

“Given the venue and the time, it was a very low blow,” Parsons said. “I don’t know that he would’ve done it to a man. I think it was a little bit sexist. It was certainly bullying. And it was untrue.”