Charlie Crist Wants Another Obama Campaign Trail Hug


Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running again for governor as a Democrat, seems to want another hug on the campaign trail from President Barack Obama.

Crist, on Monday, said that he would like for Obama to come on the campaign trail with him again, despite the fact that Obama’s approval ratings have been around 40 percent lately.

“I hope so,” Crist said when asked of the possibility of Obama campaigning for him according to the Tampa Bay Times. “I hope he does.”

In 2009 Crist, long before he began running as a Democrat to defeat Gov. Rick Scott (R), the former Republican governor was strongly criticized for hugging the president at an event (pictured above). Crist said that the criticism was motivated by racism.

The TPM Polltracker average gives Scott a 3.7 point lead over Crist.