CBS Poll: Obama Viewed As More Empathetic, Romney Seen As Better For Jobs

The presidential race remains extremely close among voters nationwide, as President Barack Obama claims an advantage on compassion while Mitt Romney is seen as better for job creation, a new poll released Tuesday shows.

According to the latest survey from CBS News, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are in a dead heat with Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), 46 percent to 45 percent.  

Obama is widely viewed as the more empathetic candidate. Fifty-four percent of voters say the president understands problems of people like them, while 42 percent say he does not. Only 41 percent of voters say Romney understands their problems, compared with 50 percent who say he does not.

But voters have more confidence in the former Massachusetts governor’s ability to improve the nation’s employment outlook, with 43 percent saying Romney has a clear plan to create jobs and 45 percent saying he does not.  Conversely, only 35 percent say Obama has a clear jobs plan, while 58 percent say he does not.

The PollTracker Average shows Obama only edging Romney by a razor-thin margin, 46.4 percent to 46.1 percent.