Carney: Policy Over Politics When It Comes To Obamacare


White House Spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday that President Obama wasn’t sweating how the plagued rollout of his signature legislative achievement would affect the 2014 mid-term elections.

“The president looks at this as a matter of policy first and politics second,” Carney said during a press briefing. “The Affordable Care Act continues to deliver on the promise of bending the cost curve.”

When asked about losing the support of Democrats in Congress over issues consumers have been experiencing with the new law, Carney again demurred.

“Politics follows policy here,” Carney said. “The president is concerned about getting implementation of the Affordable Care Act right.”

Obama met with Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2014 last week and met with House Democrats on Wednesday.

A few Democratic senators have announced their support for bill that requires insurers to let people with plans in the individual market to keep their insurance as long as the carrier remains in the market.