Bush FDIC Chair ‘Aghast’ With Romney, Plans To Write In Huntsman

Sheila Bair, a longtime Republican who formerly chaired the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission under Presidents Bush and Obama, said Tuesday morning that she’s “aghast” with Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks and probably writing in Jon Huntsman for president.

She made her remarks on American Public Media’s “Marketplace” radio program.

Jeremy Hobson: Final question — you’re a lifelong Republican. You write in the book that you voted for John McCain in 2008. Are you planning to vote for Mitt Romney this time around?

Bair: I am very disappointed in Mr. Romney. I am aghast at the recent statements that he made; they were on YouTube. I think he has a lot to explain. I am also, though, disappointed in Mr. Obama. I think his policies have been Wall Street-friendly through his economic team. I think he’s got the worst of both worlds — Wall Street doesn’t like him because he’s been publicly critical, yet his administration has performed policies that are pretty friendly to them. So at this point I have to say I’m probably going to write in Jon Huntsman. He was talking about financial reform during the debates; good for him, he was really the only one. I wish this issue would become more of an issue in this presidential race. I’d like to hear both candidates talk about it more; show independence from these financial interests.