Boehner Declines To Name Specific Entitlement Cuts He Seeks In Deal

Asked on Friday what kind of specific entitlement cuts he seeks in a deal with the White House over the so-called fiscal cliff, House Speaker John Boehner pointed reporters to previous GOP budgets, declining to name further demands in a potential counteroffer.

“You could look at our budget from the last two years, and there are plenty of specific proposals, most of which were part of the conversation that the president and I had two years ago, or a year and a half ago,” Boehner told reporters at press conference. “There have been discussions about many of those same issues this time. So there’s a lot from the conversations that we have had to inform almost anybody of the kind of proposals that we’re looking for.”

Boehner also added that talks with President Obama had come to a significant stand-still.

“There’s a stalemate,” Boehner said. “Let’s not kid ourselves.”