Bob McDonnell: No Fatalities In F-18 Crash

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Saturday thanked Virginia residents and public safety officials for their responses to the F-18 crash and said there were no fatalities.

His statement in full:

“We learned this morning that all residents affected by the F-18 crash in Virginia Beach have been accounted for with no fatalities. This amazing news follows the countless acts of bravery and selflessness that we witnessed yesterday. We saw neighbors rushing to the assistance of neighbors, the navy pilots waiting until the very last second to eject, citizens pulling the pilots to safety and treating them, and a successful and efficient coordinated response from first responders, the city and others. In the response to this accident we saw the character of the U.S. Navy, Virginia’s public safety officials and our citizens in action. It was the very best of Virginia on display. Today, we thank all those who so courageously served one another in a moment of need, and we thank God for this Easter miracle.”