Bill O’Reilly Warns ‘War On Christmas’ Is Upon Us (VIDEO)

If it’s December, it’s time to talk about the “War on Christmas.”

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly dedicated Monday’s “Talking Points Memo” segment to denouncing what he called a “‘Happy Holidays’ syndrome” propagated by “secular progressives” and “pressure groups like the ACLU.”

As evidence, O’Reilly displayed a flyer for Macy’s “Santa Land” that touts it will help customers with their “holiday wish list.”

“So here’s my question to Macy’s: what holiday is Santa celebrating?” he asked. “The Winter Solstice? The birthday of a reindeer? What?”

O’Reilly might rejoice at the news that champions of Christmas have already scored one victory this season: Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) announced┬áhe would refer to the State House’s seasonal spruce as a “Christmas tree” after opponents protested its traditionally holiday-neutral name.