Bill Maher On Obama: ‘If He’s A Socialist, He’s A Lousy One’

On his HBO show “Real Time,” comedian Bill Maher took on the conservative argument that President Obama has radically changed the United States.

“Obama spent most of last year conceding the Republican premise that government needed cutting. That’s not what progressives wanted, that’s what the tea party wanted,” Maher said Friday night. “..If he’s a socialist, he’s a lousy one.”

“How can you guys be so unhappy with Obama when I’m so unhappy with Obama?” he added. “You think you got coal in your stocking? I wanted single payer health care, a carbon emissions bill, gun control and legalized pot. If you get to carry around all this outrage over me getting that shit, shouldn’t I have gotten it?”

Maher recently donated $1 million to Obama’s reelection campaign.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Mediaite