Bill Maher Slams Ex-RNC Chair’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Defense Of Trump (VIDEO)

Calling the British vote to leave the European Union a “harbinger” for Republican Donald Trump, Bill Maher shut down former RNC chair Michael Steele’s “bullshit argument” taking some of the heat off Trump.

On Saturday night’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host used the so-called Brexit vote, which was starkly divided along age group lines, shows that if younger voters stay home in November, Trump could take the White House, saying, “Welcome President Clownmeat!”

Maher also said 2016 has presented “a referendum on decency,” calling Trump “an indecent man.”

But Steele tried to temper Maher, saying it’s also about “the indecent process,” which leaves voters feeling left out.

“They feel left behind, they feel spat upon, they feel neglected, they feel cheated,” Steele said. “You cannot separate the individual characteristics out that easily.”

“That’s a bullshit argument,” Maher fired back.

Watch a clip of the exchange via YouTube: