Consistently Wrong Bill Kristol Still Making 2016 Predictions (VIDEO)

When Bill Kristol isn’t beating the drum for another war, he frequently handicaps the 2016 field.

And with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush fueling speculation about his White House ambitions, Kristol confidently rejected the possibility on Tuesday

“He’s the establishment hope who I don’t think is likely to be the nominee,” Kristol said on “Morning Joe.” “I think there’s no way there will be a Bush-Clinton race in 2016. I’ll buy all of you dinner, I’ll buy the two Bens dinner — this could be expensive in New York, I guess. I’m willing to go out on a limb.”

The analysis from the consistently wrong Kristol inspired everyone to make the same joke.

It probably wasn’t too tough for Kristol to rule out another Bush-Clinton showdown. Only a few months ago, he said that Hillary Clinton probably won’t run in 2016 and, if she does, “she likely won’t win.”