Bill Frist To GOP Governors: Adopt ‘Obamacare’ Insurance Exchanges

While the likes of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) vow to resist implementation of state-level insurance exchanges mandated under the Affordable Care Act, former Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) is one notable Republican who endorses the provision.

In an editorial for The Week published Tuesday, the former majority leader of the Senate writes that both parties should support the insurance exchanges, noting that they were originally a “Republican idea.”  A doctor, Frist says that he “sees little advantage” for Republican governors to refuse to set up exchanges in their own states and “default to the federally designed, one-size-fits-all exchange when they can design and run their own.”

From the piece:

State exchanges are the solution. They represent the federalist ideal of states as “laboratories for democracy.” We are seeing 50 states each designing a model that is right for them, empowered to take into account their individual cultures, politics, economies, and demographics. While much planning has yet to be done, we are already seeing a huge range in state models. I love the diversity and the innovation.