Bill Clinton ‘Felt So Bad’ For Melania Trump Arguing Against Cyberbullying


Bill Clinton said Friday that he “never felt so bad for anybody” as he did watching Melania Trump speak out against cyberbullying in a speech the previous day, given that her husband is known to fire off some insults of his own on Twitter.

“I never felt so bad for anybody in my life as I did for his wife going out giving a speech saying ‘Oh, cyber bullying was a terrible thing,’” Clinton said a rally in Pueblo, Colorado.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, especially if it’s done at three in the morning against the former Miss Universe by a guy running for president!’” Clinton continued. “None of this is real. You couldn’t make it up. The problem is we’re laughing but it isn’t funny because people’s lives are going to be changed by this.”

On Thursday, Melania Trump made her first appearance on the campaign trail since giving a speech at the Republican National Convention in July, which was in part plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention address.

In a speech in the Philadelphia suburb of Berwyn, Trump said she would “be an advocate for women and for children” as first lady. And that, she said, meant addressing online bullying.

“Children and teenagers can be fragile. They are hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence,” Trump said, condemning comments that were “mean and too rough” by people with “no name hiding on the internet.”