Roy Moore Accuser On His Defeat: ‘I’m Excited’ But ‘Not Giving Up’

Beverly Young Nelson, who accused former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was a teen, said Wednesday she was “excited” that Moore won’t be serving in the U.S. Senate, but said she’s “not giving up” on pursuing a case against him.

“Roy Moore’s loss means to me the fact that Alabama is about to make some changes, and I believe it’s going to be in the positive side of things. I’m very excited,” she said, appearing on CNN’s “New Day” the morning after the Republican candidate’s defeat. “There’s no reason for me to go and lie on television when this was the truth from day one. I intend on still pursuing it. I’m not giving up. … I believe he should be investigated. … I’m demanding it.”

Nelson was one of the multiple women who came forward in recent weeks alleging Moore pursued relationships or made inappropriate sexual advances toward them when they were teens and he was in his 30s. Nelson claimed Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16, when the two were parked in his car outside the restaurant where she worked. She provided alleged evidence of her relationship with Moore, publicly sharing a signature that he apparently left in her high school yearbook.

Moore flatly denied all the allegations against him and specifically attacked Nelson. He claimed she forged the signature and his lawyers demanded that her lawyer, Gloria Allred, hand over the yearbook so it could be examined by a neutral party for authenticity.

Nelson said it “really upset” her that so many called her character into question over the yearbook.

“Why would I write that myself in my own yearbook? My name was stamped on the front of it. He knew it was my yearbook. He asked if he could sign it, I told him gladly he could sign that book.”

Allred said they had the yearbook examined by a former FBI agent who worked in the documents division, who determined the signature was authentic.

“She should have her reputation back,” Allred said. “To accuse her of forgery, that’s a crime. That is defamation and Beverly is one of the more honest people you will ever meet in your life. And she deserves her reputation back.”