Baltimore Fires Lawyer With Neo-Nazi Ties Who Defended Police Dept.

The City of Baltimore on Thursday fired an attorney with neo-Nazi ties who recently defended the police department in a wrongful murder conviction suit.

Glen Keith Allen told The New York Daily News in an interview before his firing that he considers the Southern Poverty Law Center, which uncovered his ties to the neo-Nazi group National Alliance in an investigation published Wednesday, a “censorship organization.”

“I am reluctant to get on my knees and beg forgiveness from something like the Southern Poverty Law Center which I regard as a censorship organization,” he told the paper.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s office said in a statement that the city had been unaware of Allen’s ties to the National Alliance and was ending its one-year contract with him.

“None of the historical facts and alleged facts recently publicized about Mr. Allen’s political views and affiliations were disclosed or discussed when his contract was agreed to,” the statement read, according to the newspaper.

“The Law Department does not as a general practice question it’s [sic] hired or contract attorneys about their political views,” the statement continued.