Michele Bachmann: Elizabeth Warren ‘Is In No Way A Populist’


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) doesn’t think Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a populist or really someone that Republicans have to worry about.

“She is in no way a populist,” Bachmann said The Huffington Post on Thursday.

Bachmann continued that Warren’s arguments that the American economy favors the rich over the poor is not something that will attract Republican voters.

“I don’t see Elizabeth Warren as someone Republicans have to worry about, not at all. Elizabeth Warren, after all, was a major advocate of Dodd-Frank,” Bachmann said.

Before she was a senator Warren was a proponent of the part of the 2010 law aimed at reforming Wall Street that created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren first proposed the institution’s creation in an issue of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.

“Dodd-Frank is the biggest insider legislation giveaway that there’s ever been,” Bachmann said. “If any one is aligned with elites, it’s Elizabeth Warren. She is in no way reflective of where the average American is, because what she did through Dodd-Frank was institutionalize bailouts for the major investment banks forever. That’s what she did. So now the taxpayers are on the hook for who? The Goldman Sachs of the world? I mean, really? So that’s what she’s behind, so she is in no way a populist. Her views are among what the American people are rejecting.”