Arapahoe High School Gunman Wrote Latin Phrase On His Arm

Karl Pierson, the Arapahoe High School shooter in Colorado, wrote various messages on his arms, county sheriff Grayson Robinson said Tuesday.

According to The Denver Post, Pierson had the Latin phrase “Alea iacta est” — which means “The die has been cast” — written in permanent marker on his forearm. Elsewhere on his arms, messages pointed to five areas of the school he planned to attack.  

“The letters/numbers written on the shooter’s arm is an indicator to investigators of the shooter’s plan,” Robinson wrote in a news release.

Robinson said investigators were now trying to determine if the occupants of the classrooms identified on Pierson’s were targeted by the shooter. Authorities have said that Pierson planned to target librarian and debate coach Tracy Murphy, according to the Post. 

Pierson shot and wounded a fellow senior, Claire Davis, 17, on Friday, before killing himself in the school’s library.