Ann Coulter Posts Racially-Charged Critique Of Latino Host’s New MSNBC Show

Jose Diaz-Balart’s new program on MSNBC debuted Monday to a harsh review from a certain conservative firebrand.

Not that anyone should have expected Ann Coulter to appreciate the work of the Cuban-American journalist who’s shown a passion for immigration reform.

Coulter fired off several derisive tweets directed at Diaz-Balart throughout the premiere of his eponymous program.

When he conducted an emotional interview with a Honduran teenager who arrived in the United States a few months ago, which Diaz-Balart translated in realtime, Coulter implied that the young girl was faking her tears.

Coulter later suggested that the surge in Latino immigrants to the U.S. is a boon for Diaz-Balart’s career.

It’s just the type of review Diaz-Balart could have expected from a woman who authored a xenophobic diatribe about the growth of soccer in America.