Trump Labor Pick Andy Puzder Withdraws Nomination


Andrew Puzder, President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the U.S. Department of Labor and the CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc., withdrew his nomination on Wednesday.

“After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor,” Puzder said in a statement obtained by TPM.

Puzder said that he was “honored to have been considered” for the position.

“While I won’t be serving in the administration, I fully support the President and his highly qualified team,” he said.

Puzder had been dogged by resurfaced allegations of domestic abuse, and earlier in February copped to failing to pay taxes on a housekeeper who was an undocumented immigrant. Several Republican senators also waffled on the question of whether they’d support Puzder’s nomination.

CKE Restaurants Inc. told TPM in an email that it “will not be providing a comment at this time.”

Puzder’s confirmation hearing was scheduled for Thursday.