Alex Sink Could Still Run For Florida Governor

Although Alex Sink, the Democrat who narrowly lost the Florida gubernatorial race to Gov. Rick Scott in 2010, is remaining noncomittal on a gubernatorial run, there may be good reason to not rule her out quite yet.

The Tampa Bay Times on Tuesday layed out the reasons that Sink may still decide to take down Scott by the Sept. 1 deadline:

Among them: She resents Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor turned Democrat who is mulling a run himself, so much that his expected candidacy may ensure she jumps in. She similarly dislikes Scott and said she thinks Scott he done a terrible job as governor and is “incompetent.”

Sink’s husband, former gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride, unexpectedly died in December and, according to the Times, some say the loss could keep her from taking on another grueling race, while others say that may be the very reason why she wants to jump into another all-consuming campaign.

Sink is also not taking her name off the table in response to those inquiring about her potential candidacy.

“Don’t waste your time,” Sink said Tuesday in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. “You’re going to talk to people and they’ll tell you I’m definitely running or that I’m definitely not. That’s only because I’m not subtle enough to be giving little hints out there.”

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