Alan Simpson To Critics: ‘Read The Damn Report’

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY), a deficit hawk who along with Democrat Erskine Bowles unveiled a new deficit plan Tuesday, dismissed critics who contend that his original eponymous budgetary proposal placed an undue burden on the least fortunate Americans.

Simpson said people should “read the damn report” and stop listening to partisans on the right and the left.

“I always say to people, before you begin to drool at the mouth and go crazy and scratch our eyeballs out, read the damn report,” Simpson told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. “It was 67 pages. We put it in December 1, 2010, and people said, ‘What are you doing to the vulnerable?’ I said read it. We don’t do anything to people on SSI. We don’t do anything with food stamps. We don’t do anything with people on unemployment. Use your bean instead of listening to crap all day long from the right and the left.”