Adviser Defends Romney’s Extension On Filing 2011 Tax Return

Mitt Romney’s senior policy adviser Ed Gillespie defended the candidate’s extension filed for completing his 2011 tax returns on Fox News Sunday.

“Like millions of Americans, Governor Romney has filed for an extension to complete his tax returns because he’s waiting for other information to come in from other entities that he doesn’t have the control of their forms,” Gillespie said. “As you know you have to comply and make sure that the forms come up. He’s waiting for those to come in. He’s paid his estimated taxes and he’s released his estimated income. And when the forms are completed and filed, after that he will make them public and that will be before the election. This is not out of the ordinary for people to get an extension.”

He said Romney won’t release 23 years of tax returns.

“Twenty-three year of personal returns — this is a classic attempt by the Obama campaign to distract from many of the things I’ve just been talking about,” Gillespie said.