Libertarian Official Resigns To Protest Candidate Who Does Animal Sacrifices

The chairman of the Florida Libertarian Party, Adrian Wyllie, resigned on Thursday to protest the party’s U.S. Senate candidate, who Wyllie says was kicked out of a cult for “sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice,” according to Politico Florida.

Wyllie (pictured above) announced his resignation in a Thursday Facebook post, where he complained that the party would not stand up against its only Senate candidate, a man who goes by the name Augustus Sol Invictus. Wyllie told Politico that the party’s executive committee had declined to disavow Invictus.

In the lengthy Facebook post, Wyllie said that Invictus has “vowed” to start a second Civil War, has descirbed himself as a Fascist, and supports eugenics. Wyllie also said that many of Invictus’ supporters “are known members of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.”

Wyllie also described Invictus’ pagan religion.

“I would never disparage anyone on the basis of their religion. But, since Mr. Invictus cites his religion as the motivation for his violent intentions, I believe it must be scrutinized,” he wrote. “Mr. Invictus practices Thelema, an occult pagan religion based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley. Mr. Invictus was ejected from Ordo Templi Orientis for brutally and sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice.”

“I’m not making this up. It’s crazy, I know,” Wyllie told Politico after announcing his resignation.

Invictus responded to Wyllie’s comments about him in September, countering many of the accusations.

Invictus said that he is not racist or a neo-Nazi, and that he has not called for a second Civil War. He also said he has defended neo-Nazis and skinheads as a criminal defense lawyer.

He rejected Wyllie’s accusation that he supports eugenics.

“This claim is based on a paper I wrote in law school, which I have publicly and repeatedly disavowed,” he wrote in a September Facebook post.

Invictus also denied to Politico that he had dismembered a goat, but acknowledged that he has participated in animal sacrifices.

“I have never dismembered a goat in my life. I have performed animal sacrifices as part of my religion,” he said. “I was expelled from the order for political reasons. And animal sacrifice was part of it. But that is a deliberate misrepresentation by Wyllie.”

Politico noted that in a speech highlighted on Invictus’ campaign website, he describes himself as a pagan and a white southerner and says that he was once “hunted” by the FBI.

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