Adelson: I’m ‘Against Very Wealthy People’ Attempting To Influence Elections

Billionaire Newt Gingrich supporter and funder Sheldon Adelson, who has already given millions to the Newt campaign, says he might give “$10 million or $100 million” more, according to a profile in Forbes. Adelson went on to say that he is “against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections” in principle, but as long as the system allows it, he has nothing to hide:

“I’m against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections,” he shrugs. “But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it. Because I know that guys like Soros have been doing it for years, if not decades. And they stay below the radar by creating a network of corporations to funnel their money. I have my own philosophy and I’m not ashamed of it. I gave the money because there is no other legal way to do it. I don’t want to go through ten different corporations to hide my name. I’m proud of what I do and I’m not looking to escape recognition.”