Someone Tried To Place A Hillary Clinton Obituary In Nevada Paper


An individual attempted to place an obituary in a Nevada newspaper declaring Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton was dead, according to a Friday report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The bizarre incident spurred the paper to report the incident to the Secret, the newspaper said.

According to its own account, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, reported Friday that Don Schubert tried to actually drop off a Las Vegas Review-Journal “obituary form identifying the deceased as Hillary Rodham Clinton.” On the form, Schubert allegedly wrote that Clinton died on Feb. 20, 2016. That is the day of the Democrats’ Nevada caucus where Clinton and Sanders are battling it out to win delegates in the state.

Then, the paper says Schubert drove away from its offices in a Prius that was spotted with Bernie Sanders decals. The paper reported the incident to Secret Service and Schubert told the paper later that night that he had been contacted by the Secret Service about his effort to put the Clinton obituary in the paper. Schubert told them that he had only meant the stunt as an exercise in “political humor.”