Ad Attacking GOP Candidate As A ‘Liberal’ Was Paid For By Dems

An attack ad against Terry Branstad — the former Republican governor of Iowa who is challenging Dem Gov. Chet Culver for the seat — labels him as a “liberal.” So which group of liberal-haters paid for the ad?

As it turns out…it was the Democratic Governors Association.The ad features the heads of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Branstad, and Nancy Pelosi on a picture of Mount Rushmore, with the text “Liberal Terry Branstad: One of the best liberal governors this state has ever had.” The ad also says it was paid for by “Iowans for Responsible Government.”

Here’s the ad, via The Upshot:


According to The Upshot, the 527 group’s tax filing reveals that all of the group’s funding comes from the DGA.

In a statement yesterday, DGA political director Ray Glendening explained the ad:

We saw an opportunity with this political hypocrisy and took advantage of it. Branstad continues to run a false and deceptive campaign, and he is not who he says he is. We have and will continue to expose the parts of his record that he would prefer to keep hidden.

Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht said in a statement that this is “a blatant attempt to derail Terry Branstad’s campaign for governor in the Republican primary.”

Branstad 2010 Campaign Manager Jeff Boeyink said: “We were right all along. We have reached a new low in Iowa politics. ” He added: “Chet Culver and his campaign owe Iowans an apology for bringing Illinois-style politics to Iowa.”