CPAC Attendees Embrace Trump, Cruz’s Law Enforcement Claim Fact Check, And Houston ‘Sitting Duck’ For Big Hurricane

March 4, 2016 10:47 a.m.

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March 4, 2016

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At CPAC, The GOP Base Comes Around To A NYC Businessman Named Trump

The Gist: CPAC – with its conservative radio booths, three-point-hat wearing tea partiers, crowded halls of party activists and student enthusiasts– is a magnet for the party’s base. It is the pulse of a Republican Party that seems to be turning over on itself and rejecting the status quo for a radical change they believe can be found in a billionaire named Trump.

Cruz Says He’s Spent ‘Much’ Of His Life In Law Enforcement—Except He Hasn’t

The Gist: Ted Cruz said at the Republican presidential debate that he spent “much” of his life in law enforcement, but that’s not quite what his resume shows.

Trump Blankets NYC Tabloids With Penis Size, Nuclear Bomb Covers

The Gist: The morning after a particularly wacky Republican debate on Fox News, frontrunner Donald Trump was the main attraction on the covers of his hometown tabloids.

From The Reporter’s Notebook

TPM’s Tierney Sneed talked to legal experts about the awkward position Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts — a self-avowed institutionalist — has been put in by Senate Republicans’ threats to block President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. Pitt Law professor Arthur Hellman pointed to a talk Roberts gave back in November about how one of his predecessors, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, dealt with the political gamesmanship over FDR’s attempt to pack the court. “It fell to Hughes to guide a very unpopular Supreme Court through that high noon showdown against America’s most popular president since George Washington,” Roberts said then.

Agree or Disagree?

“You may have noticed that during the debate audience members in the line of sight behind the moderators were giving thumbs ups, making faces or just aping for the cameras like you’d expect to see as a football game or a wrestling match. We’ve never seen anything like that. The pro-wrestling mania of the Trump rallies is seeping into debates, like a virus spreading through a host body. And I tend to doubt that those people were all Trump supporters. It doesn’t matter. Creeping Trumpism is taking over his opponents from within.” – Josh Marshall  

Say What?!

“Although this is another country’s election, Japan’s allies should raise their voices to help prevent the birth of a ‘Voldemort’ president in the United States.”

– Foreign newspapers and commentators are freaking out about the possibility of President Trump.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “My prediction: if HRC gets the nomination, which is now very likely, and if she loses the general, as seems very possible (if Trump really runs and does not bow out, which I also think is likely) then English will get a new ideom: “pulling a Hillary.” It will mean an act that precipitates from an extraordinary sense of entitlement and hubris and which results in collasal failure that hurts others. Politicians often spawn ideoms. Jeb gave us “scrape the bark off of….” Which I love and already use. Saddam Hussein gave us the compound adjective “mother of all” which we use to describe a big thing, as in the biologically impossible: “Trump is the mother of all assholes.” GWB gave us the term “misunderestmate” which, like its progenitor, is idiotic. Bubba gave American English the term “humming a Lewinsky” which means a blow job given by a subordinate to a superior. It’s natural that if HRC crashes and burns her name will come to mean crashing and burning. This in just the way that calling something an “Edsel”–named for a catastrophe spawned by a cocky heir to the Ford family–is calling that thing a failure. I really, really hope that Hillary does not “pull a Hillary.””

Related: Remember when Carson said Hillary wouldn’t be the nominee because “it’s hard to run from jail?”

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