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Todd Akin: Politico Censored My Rape Accusations Against Bill Clinton

AP Photo / Charlie Riedel

"As I explain in the book, rape is a horrible crime," he wrote. "I have zero sympathy for those who commit it. For this reason, had I been in Congress in 1998, I would have voted with my colleagues to impeach President Bill Clinton."

Akin then accused the media of working to rehabilitate the former president's image, while crying hypocrisy because his own political career had been stalled by controversial comments over rape.

"This long-standing evasion of the rape accusations against Clinton have allowed him to regain his popularity and allowed Hillary to perpetuate the Democratic nonsense about the so-called 'Republican War on Women,' he said in the op-ed.

Akin then concluded:

The bottom line is that my career was ruined for my linking the words “legitimate and rape.” The Clintons, meanwhile, have maintained their careers only because the media have consciously delegitimized the rape and assault charges against Bill Clinton. And don’t get me started on Hillary’s jokey radio interview in which she took credit for springing a man she knew to be guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl.

The word “hypocrisy” does not do justice to this outrage.