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Steve Stockman Will Probably Run For Statewide Office Again

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Stockman's campaign was marked mostly by his struggle to gain any real momentum in polling, his chronic absence from the campaign trail, and his failure to grow a significant war chest or get any big endorsements. Stockman, though, said he lost because of lack of support from the tea party and attack ads.

"It was unfortunate — a lot of outside groups didn't think it could be won, but clearly, looking at it now, it could have," Stockman said.

Stockman said he didn't hold any hard feelings against Cornyn for his "Shady Stockman" series of attack ads, which called attention to Stockman's prior arrests.

"[Cornyn] had to do that," Stockman said. "If I were him, I would have done it too."

Cornyn won with about 59 percent of the vote while Stockman came in a distant second with 19 percent.