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Sean Hannity Might Run For Office Someday

AP Photo / Douglas C. Pizac

Hannity said earlier this week that he'll be the guest of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) at President Obama's annual address to lawmakers. Gohmert has a soft spot for right-wing firebrands. In 2012, he took to the House floor to eulogize the late Andrew Breitbart.

But at some point in the future, Gohmert could go from Hannity fan to Hannity colleague. Responding to a question from a viewer on Tuesday, the Fox News host said he's open to running for office.

“The answer is yes, I’d think about it,” Hannity said. Desperate to leave the "United Socialist State of New York," Hannity indicated that he'd run in either Florida or Texas, although he didn't specify what position he might pursue.