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RNC: 'Offensive' That White House Wants 'To Woo Young People' To Obamacare

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For Elliott Echols, the RNC's National Youth Director, the event smacks of desperation.

“The White House is trying to woo young people as it scrambles to reboot the re-launch of the rebrand of ObamaCare. Millennials are seeing the negative impacts of ObamaCare, especially rising costs, and the White House wants a distraction. But this isn’t a seat at the table. It’s a seat at the kids’ table. The White House has shown little regard for the Millennial generation—and a photo op disguised as a ‘summit’ isn’t going to change that.
“Really, it’s offensive that the Democrats think they can make things right with a ‘social’ and some warmed-over talking points. I’d love to see the White House use this time to answer some important questions from people, like ‘Why are premiums doubling?’ and ‘Why can’t I keep my doctor?’ and ‘Why did you lie to us?’”
Ian Sams, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, responded to the RNC's charge with a statement of his own:
"What’s offensive to young people is the GOP’s total lack of vision for improving their lives. If the Republican plan for winning millennials is blocking ENDA and immigration reform, opposing marriage equality, restricting women’s rights to make their own health care decisions, pushing massive cuts to higher education assistance and fighting tooth and nail to take health care away from millions of young people who are on their families’ insurance plans, then I wish them luck. Meanwhile, Democrats will continue to be the only party pushing agenda that levels the playing field, expands opportunity, and supports equality for all Americans.”
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