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Rand Paul Takes Subtle Dig At Christie: Feud Is 'All Under The Bridge'

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

"Oh no no, we're all one big happy family now. It's all under the bridge," Paul said. "I mean we're all getting together now--"

"No pun intended?" Hannity asked.

"We're all getting together now, we're gonna be a big happy party I think," Paul responded.

Paul and Christie had a long-simmering feud last year over issues ranging from national security to Hurricane Sandy relief, with the Kentucky Republican landing most of the blows. But so far he's been reluctant to address the bridge scandal.

"I don't know who emailed who and who works for whom," he said earlier this month. "I have been in traffic before though and I know how angry I am when I'm in traffic and I've always wondered, 'Who did this to me.'"

h/t Politico