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Rand Paul On Rival Christie's Bridge Scandal: Hey, I Hate Traffic Jams, Too

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Was Paul taking the high road? Was his feud with Christie now water on the bridge?

TPM reached out to Paul's office multiple times for comment, but received no response.

The senator finally broke his silence on the George Washington Bridge scandal on Thursday. Paul said he doesn't know much about the trove of documents obtained by TPM and other outlets earlier this week but he empathizes with the people who were trapped in the gridlock on the bridge last summer.

"I don't know who emailed who and who works for whom," Paul said, according to NBC News. "I have been in traffic before though and I know how angry I am when I'm in traffic and I've always wondered, 'Who did this to me.'"

It's well-documented that Paul and Christie really can't stand each other, although most of the criticism has come from the Kentucky Republican.

Paul said last year that Christie is only a conservative if you apply a "very loose definition," and argued that the governor secured a landslide re-election because "he got a lot of federal money for his state" after Hurricane Sandy.