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Radel Apologizes To GOP Caucus After Cocaine Charges, Rehab

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Radel asked for his colleagues' forgiveness at the meeting, and then spoke with friends afterward. The Florida congressman was teary-eyed while thanking his fellow representatives, according to the Post.

Multiple Republicans told the Post that Radel's apology and pledge to work harder was mostly met with sympathy.

"It was the Trey Radel apology tour," one House Republican told the Post. "We’ve all dealt with friends or families who have struggled with addiction, so we listened and offered encouragement."

Radel returned to the Capitol at the beginning of the month when Congress returned for the new year, and he is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. He has not yet announced whether he will seek re-election in 2014, but he already has a primary challenger.