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Poll: Sen. Hagan's Re-Election Lead Over GOP Opponents Shrinks

AP Photo / Zach Frailey

Despite the small leads in head-to-head matchups, Hagan's approval rating has been about the same, the poll also found. In September Hagan's approval rating was 43 percent and it is essentially unchanged at 44 percent. Hagan's disapproval ratings have increased however. The poll found Hagan's disapproval at 49 percent, up ten percentage points from the last poll. 

Among the Republican candidates, Tillis appears to be moving away from the pack. He gets 20 percent support among Republican primary voters while Harris gets 14 percent, Brannon gets 11 percent and Grant gets 8 percent. But a whopping 47 percent remain undecided, the poll found.

The poll was conducted Nov. 8 to 11 among 701 North Carolina voters.