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Sen. Pat Toomey Finally Reveals Who He Voted For For President

AP Photo / Matt Rourke

“It’s the same dilemma,” he said last week when asked who he would cast his vote for on election day. “Like a lot of Pennsylvanians and a lot of Americans, I am very disappointed with the choice that we have.”

Toomey never endorsed Trump and made clear that he still had concerns about the GOP nominee following the release of a 2005 revealing vulgar comments from Trump.

"As you may recall, unlike many of my colleagues, I made it clear back in May way back when Donald Trump emerged as the likely nominee that I had serious reservations and serious concerns. I still do," he said. "I remain unpersuaded. I have been outspoken about the specific concerns that I had, and I'll continue to speak out when I think it's appropriate."