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Obama To Latinos: Enrolling In ACA Won't Affect Undocumented Relatives

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

"The thing that I’ve really been trying to emphasize is, you are eligible if you are a U.S. citizen, or you’re a person who's legally here," Obama said on the Spanish-language network. "And just because another family member does not have documents, they cannot sign up for health care, but there is no sharing of this data or information with, you know, immigration officials. And so I don't want people to be discouraged from going ahead and getting health insurance, even if it’s just for some of the members of their family. They need to know that immigration will have nothing to do with this process."

The president's remarks on "El Bueno, La Mala, y El Feo" came in the final days of Obamacare's open enrollment period, which ends on March 31. His administration has made an all-out push to sign up younger and healthier people in particular.