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Bar Association Angered By Haley Attack Ad: Legal Defense Is 'Constitutional Right'

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

The gist of the Haley campaign ad hits Sheheen for defending "violent criminals" as a defense lawyer.

"Sheheen defended violent criminals who abused women and went to work setting them free so the next time Sheheen said he went to work defending violent criminals, ask him what about the ones who paid him?" the narrator in the ad said. "Vincent Sheheen protects criminals, not us."

The bar association has also launched a website condemning the ad.

In response, Republican Governors Association spokesman Jon Thompson said the ad doesn't target defense lawyers, rather it targets Sheheen for representing sex offenders and violent criminals.

The bar association also stressed that it is not endorsing Sheheen's campaign (the group doesn't usually get involved in political campaigns). Instead its objection is over the fact that the ad attacks defense lawyers.

Watch the ad below: