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New Year's Gun Celebrations Lead To Injuries


Walter Moore, 22, was arrested in Denver for allegedly shooting a teenaged girl in the hand shortly after midnight on Wednesday in what police are speculating was an act of "New Year's Eve revelry" gone awry. The girl's injury is not life threatening, but police are investigating Moore for aggravated assault.

Over in Port Arthur, Texas, a 39-year-old man shot himself in the foot after attempting to ring in the new year by firing of his handgun. No charges will be filed against the man, who authorities said was "exhibiting signs of intoxication" at the time. His injuries are also non-life threatening.

A Florida man who celebrated the holiday in a similar fashion may not be so lucky. The unidentified man is now fighting for his life after reportedly shooting himself in the head around midnight in Jacksonville, Fla. He was said to be playing with his gun during a gathering with family members inside an apartment.

Photo via Shutterstock / Grechko Vlada

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