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NJ Rep.: 'Unbelievable' That Nobody Told Christie (VIDEO)


Wisniewski said that particularly because the lane closures occurred during Christie's re-election campaign, it made no sense that he was entirely out of the loop.

"Any governor that is running for re-election is going to want to know about problems that come up," he said. "It just strains credibility that they didn't look at those documents and say, 'We ought to let him know about it.'"

When asked if Christie's involvement in the plan would be an impeachable offense, Wisniewski said that Christie has not yet been directly implicated on the plan, but added that the activities carried out by his aides were illegal.

"I think we're a little early on that," he said about impeachment. "When you use the George Washington Bridge for what the emails show to be political payback, that amounts to using public property for a private purpose or for a political purpose, and that's not legal."

Watch the video via CBS: