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House Republican: Democrats Have Launched 'War On Whites'

AP Photo / Eric Schultz

Brooks made the accusation in response to National Journal columnist Ron Fournier's comment on "Fox News Sunday" that the Republican Party is becoming "the party of white people."

The congressman defended his stance on immigration, arguing that "every single demographic group" would be negatively impacted by an increase of undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

"Democrats, they have to demagogue on this and try and turn it into a racial issue, which is an emotional issue, rather than a thoughtful issue," Brooks said. "If it becomes a thoughtful issue, then we win and we win big. And they lose and they lose big."

Ingraham then told Brooks that characterizing Democrats' rhetoric as a "war on whites" was "a little out there."

"That’s what they are doing though," he responded.

Listen to Brooks' interview with Ingraham here.