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Limbaugh: ‘12 Years A Slave’ Won Because Of ‘Magic Word’ In Title

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Limbaugh was discussing Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres' joke about the movie and its nomination for Best Picture.

"Possibility number one: '12 Years A Slave' wins Best Picture. Possibility number two: you're all racists," she said Sunday night.

Limbaugh said this was the most political comment of the night.

"But I think there was no demonstrable political preaching from anybody, zip, zero, nada. The closest was a joke that DeGeneres made in her monologue to open the program," he said. "Remember, now, all good comedy must be rooted in truth. There's no way that movie was not gonna win."

He then lamented that nobody bashed conservatives at the awards ceremony.

"But, folks, why was no conservative name mentioned? Why was no Republican name mentioned?" he asked. "They just didn't see it necessary to hit anybody. The reason no Republican or conservative was bashed is 'cause they didn't think it was necessary. Why isn't it necessary? 'Cause they think they're winning everything."

[H/t Mediaite]