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Feinstein Won't Elaborate Much On Spying Allegations Against CIA

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Feinstein accused the CIA of searching Senate computers used for the Intelligence Committee's investigation into the agency's detention and interrogation programs under the Bush administration.

She would not say much about where the Senate's battle with the CIA stands when asked about the situation by CNN anchor Candy Crowley.

"This is a serious issue. I have asked for an apology and a statement that it would never happen again. I’ve not received that to this day. That’s of concern to me. And I’d really like to leave it at that," Feinstein said.

Crowley pressed further, asking about claims that the CIA searched the Senate computers as part of an agreement with the Senate that gave the agency "audit capability" and access to the computers.

"Well, that’s not correct. And I really don’t want to discuss it further," Feinstein responded.