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Conservative Writer Informs Readers That Spooning Is A 'Sexual Position'


"For those unfamiliar, 'spooning' is a sexual position," Sheppard wrote.

Sheppard might be an exception, but for most people, spooning is simply a form of cuddling that often comes after sex.

Here's a better definition, via

(of two people) to nestle in close contact with one another, as when both are lying on their sides with their knees drawn up, the back of one person tucked into the front of the other like the bowls of two spoons.

During her appearance on CNN, Griffin jokingly asked host Brian Stelter if he has "ever spooned with Candy Crowley."

"And this apparently is what CNN now considers acceptable fare not just on its network, but also on Sunday mornings," Sheppard wrote.

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