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Boxing Promoter On Zimmerman Fight: 'It's All Business'

AP Photo / Joe Burbank

Celebrity Boxing's Damon Feldman, who has previously organized fights featuring luminaries such as Michael Lohan, Danny Bonaduce, Jose Canseco, and Rodney King, discussed the match with TPM on Wednesday morning. Feldman said he had never received more emails than when he solicited challengers for Zimmerman, who was acquitted of killing teenager Trayvon Martin by a Florida jury in July. The promoter also said he's "pretty sure" DMX will be trained for the fight by former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs.

"We're going to talk about the business end," said Feldman. "Something will go to charity. I don't know what yet though."

Critics, including Rev. Al Sharpton, have suggested it is immoral for Zimmerman to profit from his infamy. Feldman declined to respond to that argument.

"I have no comment about that," he said. "You know it's all business."