TPM’s 8th Anniversary


Happy Birthday to us! As some of you know, today is TPM’s 8th anniversary. The site started out on November 13th, 2000, just as it was becoming clear that the Florida recount wasn’t just a matter of a few days of confusion but a full-blown multi-week, multi-branch theft of the presidency. It’s been a great eight years — at least great in terms of running TPM, if far from great more generally speaking. And it’s weird when I stop to think that I’ve now spent a decent chunk of my life now running this site.

Let me take a moment to thank all of our readers for your many tips, your readership, and for your contributions, which provided the critical bootstrap of support that allowed us to fund our original expansions from one to multiple sites. And also a heartfelt thanks to TPM’s current and past employees, whose dogged and often unsung work has made all of this possible.

As I noted last week, we’ve got an ambitious plan for 2009. So we believe the best is yet to come.