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We are nearing the end of our critical 2019 membership drive. We’re still a ways to go. If you’ve been thinking about it, please make today the day you join us. It’s super easy, super fast and pretty cheap. Just take a moment right now, take out your wallet and join our team. Just click right here. Thank you.

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TPM’s Josh Kovensky was on the story of the money that lead to today’s indictments a month ago. A month ago. See his write up here. This is the kind of dogged, looking-around-the-corner reporting your memberships make possible. Our membership drive is critical. If you’ve been thinking about joining, please make today the day. You membership makes all the difference. Just click here.

Late Update: Our team won’t cut it out with the great pieces. Be sure to see Tierney’s report from the court house, a first look at former Rep. Pete Sessions’s (R-TX) role in the scandal, how today’s news shifts the picture of the larger Ukraine extortion story, while we’re at it who are Rudy’s business partners, and what was the pot racket they had going on the side.

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Yes, I know these notes aren’t what you’re here to read. We get it. But we truly need a second wind in our membership drive. If you can take just a moment to join us now that would be so helpful. Easy. Quick. Cheap. Worth it. Just click right here.

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We’re off to a great start with our annual drive. But we need to build on this momentum. You’ve seen in the last few days what our team can do, just how good they are. Take a moment right now and join us. Quick. Easy. Simple. You just have to decide to make today the day. We need you. Just click right here.

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Thank you to everyone who signed up for a first-time Prime membership over the last 24 hours. A truly awesome birthday present! But seriously, this is so critical to the site’s future. We will do our sign up drive this year, as usual. But we need to get a head start. If all goes according to plan in 2019, this will be the year when we’ll have built the subscription base that will sustain TPM into the future, the culmination of a transformation that goes back to 2015. So thank you. And if you’re a regular reader, you’ll really enjoy it. Prime and Prime AF are a very different experience. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment and sign up now.

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TPM’s Membership Grew Quite A Bit In 2018

But we need your help to reach our goal of 30,000 subscribers by Jan. 1.

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We set a super ambitious goal this year that is critical to our organization’s future. We wanted to get to 30,000 Prime subscribers by the close of 2018. And we are really, really close. We’re currently at 29,351. So we are 649 subscribers short of that number with about half of December to go. I know from a lot of conversations – one as recently as yesterday – that there are still a lot of devoted readers who just haven’t gotten around to joining us. So if that’s you, this one is for you. It’s super easy to join and it’s just $4.99 a month, barely more than a fancy cup of coffee at the local cafe. Take a moment and take the plunge. Building what we’re building is super important. So like literally stop for a just a moment, break the slipstream of your daily routine … grab your wallet, get out the card and sign up.

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We started our annual Prime membership drive a month ago with a really ambitious goal: 2,000 new subscribers, the kind of goal you’re afraid to set because you’re not going to make it. I think we’re going to make it. We’re now just 278 sign-ups short of that goal. This isn’t an arbitrary number. It’s key to TPM’s future. Ready to join us? Click here.

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We are 102 sign ups away from 1500 new subscribers in our annual Prime sign up drive, three-quarters of the way to our goal. Click here to join and earn TPM glory.

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Another wild news day when I was supposed to be hitting our Prime sign up drive. But we need to keep up this critical momentum for the future of TPM. Quick version: It’s really important. If you’re a regular TPM Reader, please sign up for Prime. Cheap, awesome, important. Click here. It hugely important to the future of this site.

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We’re on our way to 2,000 new Prime subscribers. Currently 17 Prime members short of 1,300. You can be one of the lucky 17, with all the glory that comes with it. Just click here and join us.

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Does your last name start with P, R, S or T? If it does, and you haven’t signed up for Prime yet, can you make today the day you join us? No, there’s no magic reason tied to these four letters. And if your last name starts with one of the other 22 you can definitely sign up today too. But I was reminded yesterday of how much inertia, convenience and evolving mores among news producers and news consumers all play key roles in this process. Do you pay for news when it’s mainly been free online for the last 25 years or so?

So I thought I’d pick a few letters and for those folks make the case directly. Bringing a substantial number of you into the fold as paying subscribers is really, really important to the future of this site. It just takes a moment to sign up. It’s probably easier to do on the weekend since other matters aren’t as pressing. So if you’re a regular reader, if you’ve been thinking about signing up, I need you to take a moment right now – actually, this moment – and take out your wallet and click here and sign up. It really just takes a moment and it’s well worth it.

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I had planned to write a lengthy post today about the second leg of our big, annual Prime sign-up drive. Now we have the Manafort plea deal breaking. tl;dr: It’s really important. If you’re a regular TPM Reader, please sign up for Prime. Cheap, awesome, important. Click here. It hugely important to the future of this site.

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This Week

This is a super important week for TPM and for our annual Prime sign-up drive. We had a great start. We’re more than half way to our goal of 2,000 new members. This week it’s critical we get to 1500. If you’re a regular reader of TPM and you haven’t become a member, please make it this week. You’ll see a handful of my posts on it over the next few days. When you see one, take a moment to click the link and join us.

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In the first week of our annual Prime sign-up drive we were able to sign up just over 1,000 new Prime members, which is great. Our goal for this drive – and it’s a critical one – is to sign up a total of 2,000 new members. This isn’t just an arbitrary goal or something that sounds cool to get to. As I’ve described in my earlier posts, it’s a critical benchmark in our efforts to transform TPM’s business model from one based primarily on ads to one based primarily on membership. This is a critical part of that equation.

So if you’re a regular reader and haven’t yet signed up for Prime, please consider doing so today. It costs only 14 cents a day, $4.99 a month or $50 a year, depending on which option you choose. You get a site with dramatically fewer ads, you get all the Prime only content. There are a bunch of other features. And with all that you become part of making TPM possible and, more than possible, a robust and vital organization that can continue doing the work our team does every day with a relative independence from the storms from the advertising, tech and social platform industries which are battering and in some cases destroying so many publications. Please, if you’ve been considering it, thinking that you would, make the moment now. Just click right here.

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