Second Woman Alleges Walker Paid For Her Abortion: ‘He Pressured Me’

MACON, GA - OCTOBER 20: Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker addresses the crowd of supporters during a campaign stop on October 20, 2022 in Macon, Georgia. Walker in running against incumbent Senator Ra... MACON, GA - OCTOBER 20: Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker addresses the crowd of supporters during a campaign stop on October 20, 2022 in Macon, Georgia. Walker in running against incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the mid-term elections. (Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images) MORE LESS
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A second woman has come forward alleging that Georgia Republican Senate candidate and purported anti-abortion advocate Herschel Walker helped her get an abortion.

In a virtual press conference convened by high-profile attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday, Allred’s client, an unnamed woman referred to as “Jane Doe,” said she had a romantic relationship with Walker for six years. She said the Senate candidate gave her cash and drove her to an abortion clinic to terminate her pregnancy in 1993.

Allred’s client is the second anonymous woman to come forward in recent weeks alleging Walker paid for her to have an abortion. Her story follows that of a woman who told the Daily Beast that Walker asked her to get an abortion, and paid for it, after they conceived a child in 2009.

Walker denied Wednesday’s allegations, and called them “foolishness,” according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter who attended a campaign event.

Speaking over Zoom with the video turned off, Allred’s client told reporters that she wished to remain anonymous out of fear for her family’s safety. She then outlined the details of a romantic relationship with Walker which she claimed spanned years, beginning in 1987.

The woman alleged that during their relationship, Walker visited her home multiple times a week. She often traveled to Walker’s away games, she said, renting hotel rooms in the same hotels as the team. She alleged that Walker spent years promising to leave his wife, that he sent cards confessing his love for her and that he even met her parents.

“Quite frankly, we fell in love,” she said.

The woman said she learned she was pregnant in April 1993. She was surprised by the pregnancy, she said, because she had been on birth control throughout their relationship. She had not been intimate with anyone but Walker at the time, she said.

When she told Walker she was pregnant, he “convinced” her to have an abortion “and gave me the money to do so,” she said.

But while at an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas, the woman said she decided to not go through with the procedure, saying she “left the clinic in tears.”

“When I told Herschel what had happened, he was upset and said he was going to go back with me to the clinic the next day for me to have an abortion,” she said. “He then drove me to the clinic the following day and waited for hours in the parking lot until I came out. He then drove me to get medications and supplies as prescribed and then drove me home.

“I was devastated because I felt I had been pressured into having an abortion,” the woman continued. “After the abortion I felt that Herschel began distancing himself from me. I fled Dallas within days after the abortion and did not go back to visit for the next 15 years because I was so traumatized by what Herschel had put me through.”

Allred’s client’s voice sounded shaky as she read the statement, and at times she appeared to choke up. She concluded by saying she had no political motivations for coming forward.

“I do not believe that he is morally fit to be a U.S. senator, and that is why I am speaking up and providing proof,” she said.

She is a registered independent voter and she voted for Donald Trump in the last two elections, she said.

Allred then showed reporters documents that she claimed would corroborate the years-long relationship Walker allegedly had with her client, including a recording of a voicemail Walker allegedly left the woman, signed birthday cards, hotel room receipts, a photograph of Walker allegedly sitting on the woman’s hotel room bed and notes that Walker allegedly sent to the woman’s parents. Many of the documents were signed with a large letter “H.” The signature was similar to one on a “get well” card published by the Daily Beast earlier this month, reportedly sent by Walker to a woman whose abortion he paid for in 2009.

A screenshot from the Zoom press conference with attorney Gloria Allred showing reporters a photo of Walker laying in a bed. Allred said the photo belongs to her client, Jane Doe, and allegedly shows Walker laying in the woman’s hotel room bed in Minnesota, while he was there for training camp in August 1990. Allred also showed reporters a receipt, which she said was from that hotel room stay.

Walker has already responded, calling the allegations “foolishness.”

“I’ve already told you this is a lie and I’m not going to entertain it,” he reportedly said.

The news comes just weeks after the Daily Beast published its bombshell report alleging that Walker, who has taken a staunch position against abortion in all cases — with no exceptions for rape or incest — paid for a woman to have an abortion in 2009. The first woman corroborated her story to the Daily Beast with a copy of her receipt from the abortion clinic, a bank account deposit from a signed $700 check that Walker allegedly gave her to pay for the abortion and a “get well” card with Walker’s signature on it.

Walker has fully denied those allegations and has even claimed that he had no idea who the woman behind the claims was. He still says he doesn’t know who the woman is even though the woman has revealed to the Daily Beast that she is also the mother of one of his children — one of the several secret children the former football star was forced to publicly acknowledge after reports of their existence came out this summer.

The paid-abortion allegations have done little to sway Republican support for the Senate candidate, whose election plays a crucial role in determining which party will hold control of Congress next year.

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  1. Another confessional appearance at an evangelical church will now be added to the campaign schedule…if he asks forgiveness again, it’ll be all good and “managed.”

  2. Raise your hand if you WERE NOT impregnated by Herschel Walker.

  3. Poor Herschel. Guy cannot catch a break. Or a football these days.

  4. Why do these people vote trump

  5. Never met the guy

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