Mike Lindell Insists He’s Happy Jimmy Kimmel Made Fun Of Him For Christmas 

James Adomian appearing as Mike Lindell with Jimmy Kimmel. (Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)
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MyPillow pitchman and noted election conspiracist Mike Lindell is, in his own words, “on a Holiday tear right now!” 

As usual, Lindell is all worked up about voting machines and his thoroughly debunked idea that somehow the internet was used to manipulate these systems to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. However, over the long holiday weekend, Lindell also got excited about being mocked by late night television comedian Jimmy Kimmel and insisted he was not mad at all in multiple emails to his supporters.

“While our campaign to save America ramps up–we are also thankful to comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s latest attempt at humor–and his free publicity given to our great crusade to save AMERICA,” Lindell wrote in an email to his supporters on Saturday.

Kimmel lampooned Lindell earlier this month with a sketch that featured ace impressionist James Adomian nailing the MyPillow pitchman’s hoarse voice and refusal to accept Trump’s defeat. The sketch was styled as “Mike Lindell’s MyChristmas Spectacular,” a variety show that included appearances from real and imagined MAGA stars including Jeanine Pirro, the “QAnon shaman,” George Santos, and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), whose Golden Dukes-nominated “Beetlejuice” scandal made for a memorable punchline. As part of the show, the faux Lindell waits up all night for “rightful president” Trump, who never actually arrives. Following a heartwarming conversation with Kimmel, Lindell admits he feels Trump has been with him “all along,” in his heart and in the hearts of “all who still believe in the magic of Christmas” (and deranged magical thinking about voting machines). 

Lindell has been bombarding his fans with emails selling bedding and soliciting donations for his various conspiracy-related ventures, including the “Election Crime Bureau” and “Lindell Offense Fund.” He collected a slew of addresses from Trump diehards in August as he hosted what he variously dubbed “the most critical Election event we have ever had” and “a landmark Historical Summit.” During that momentous occasion, Lindell unveiled a plan to arm his fellow conspiracy theorists with drones to sniff out supposedly nefarious Wi-Fi connections in the vicinity of facilities involved in vote counting. 

Of course, officials at every level of government — including members of Trump’s own administration and other Republicans — have said there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 race. The idea of a Wi-Fi fueled plot is nonsensical because many election systems are not connected to the internet and incorporate hand recounts. And, of course, most populated areas of the country have nearby Wi-Fi connections, which are not evidence of any sort of illicit activity. 

Even though Kimmel’s sketch aired over two weeks ago, Lindell used his email list to send out at least two messages about it on Saturday and Sunday. In them, Lindell insisted “all of the conspiracies I touted are coming to pass!” He also declared the comedy bit was an example of media acknowledging “what the Lindell Offense Fund has said since day one: Machines are connected to the Internet and Machines can be hacked and Elections can be rigged!”

“In all seriousness, we’re excited to have the earned media–media we don’t pay for–and we’re happy to continue the conversation about rigged elections and stolen votes–no matter what the venue!” Lindell wrote. 

Check out Kimmel’s full sketch below and judge for yourself whether, in Lindell’s case, all publicity really is good publicity. 

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  1. I hope Jimmy Kimmel’s writers saw the new ad from the Lincoln project. It says Trump smells like garbage. This is a winner. It will make Trump nuts.

  2. Sometime in the last 10-15 years, nutball conservatism became the comprehensive lifstyle for every mentally disturbed person, grifting psychopath, and socially marginal type in the country.

  3. What even is a “Mike Lindell”?

    His continued existence is the surest sign that were have not yet woken up from the collective fever dream we’ve been trapped in after falling asleep hate-watching reality TV.

  4. I’d say it’s not a good idea to trust crack addicts or former crack addicts. Just sayin’.

  5. Was this Reagan’s long term plan when he shut down mental institutions? Get the extremely mentally ill out of institutions and into Republican voting booths.

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